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Privacy Policy

Calgary Movers respects your privacy, and we are committed to protecting your personal information. All of our employees are trained on our Privacy Management Plan, which includes guidelines for the collection, storage, use and retention of any personal information you share in the course of doing business with us.

Our Privacy Management Plan includes guidelines on:

Collection: Calgary Movers will collect information about clients, suppliers, business partners and employees as part of our business management. We make all reasonable efforts to inform all parties about any planned use or disclosure of such information. We pledge to only request information that is required for business purposes or to comply with regulations governing our business.

Accuracy: Our company will try to ensure that all the information we collect is accurate. We will give our customers the opportunity to review all personal information and to correct it as needed. Individuals can also submit a written request to change personal information that has already been submitted.

Storage: Personal information may be stored in hard copy or electronic format. We will make every effort to prevent unauthorized access to this data, including the use, disclosure or disposal of that information.

Retention: A retention period will be set for the storage of personal information collected by our customers and employees. Legislation may dictate the time period for such retention.

Disclosure: Calgary Movers will not disclose any personal information when it is not necessary to do so in the course of business. Information will not be shared with third parties unless customers consent.

Access: Individuals are able to access any of the personal information stored about them. Employees can request this information, and procedures will be followed to provide it. A fee may be charged to provide the information.

Calgary Movers pledges never to share, sell or rent information that customers supply us. We encourage customers and employees to ask us any questions about this privacy policy.