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How to assemble goods and save them?

How do you imagine your move? Most likely you want it to be fast, hassle-free and not requiring much efforts and expenses. It seems that dreams of perfect move are a fairy tale, but these dreams may come true if to follow some rules. The most important factor, which greatly facilitates the relocation and improves its quality is proper preparation of your property for the move. We are ready to assist you through your do-it-yourself packing experience.

When preparing personal things for moving it is crucial not to rush, but do everything step by step. In this case all the things will be moved to a new location safely and no item will be forgotten. Forthcoming apartment move involves mandatory washing, cleaning and ironing of clothes, followed by packing it into bags and boxes. What you have to do to get the things prepared for the move?

  • 1. Sorting. Surely you have accumulated piles of things, which have not been used for years. Therefore, in order not to waste your money for moving of old stuff to a new place, it is necessary to solve 2 problems:
    • separate the in-use things from unnecessary
    • decide what to do with unnecessary things (donate or throw them away).
  • 2. Packing. During the preparation for the move you will find out that you have a set of fragile things needed to be handled with care and requiring significant amount of packaging materials. Some things that are at your hand may serve well as packaging. For example, plates and other glassware can be easily and securely packed using towels or home clothing. Vases and pitchers can be wrapped in a blanket, and large glass dish positioned between two pillows.
  • 3. Preparation of a furniture. Probably everyone knows that the best way to deliver furniture from one place to another safely is to disassemble it and pack each item separately. In practice, very often people ignore this rule and find chipped cabinets and broken door handles when a furniture is delivered.

Furniture disassembling is quite a scrupulous work that requires time and patience. Professional movers are ready to offer you a helping hand. Look what we do to ensure safer and more secure relocation. First of all, we offer wide range of professional packing materials to help you organize and safeguard your belongings. Second, our professionals are never lazy to do all the packing work using expert techniques.