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Why Choose Us for Commercial Moving Services

Commercial moves require special provisions that residential moves do not. You may need larger trucks, movers that are experienced with moving larger items, and a team that is able to maintain confidentiality.

Calgary Movers has the services you need for a successful commercial move. Here are a few reasons why you should choose our company for commercial moving services:

  • Large Fleet. No matter how big or small your business, we have the trucks to handle your cargo. Our fleet includes everything from small pickup trucks to full-size moving trucks. We have just the right size vehicle to move your business efficiently and quickly.
  • Excellent Rates. Whether you choose to hire us by the hour or book a flat-rate service, our rates are some of the best in the industry. Hiring us will ensure your move is affordable.
  • Superior Service. Not only are our movers experienced and highly qualified, but they also offer friendly and professional service. We hire the best movers and then provide extensive traininig. Our team can handle any kind of move for businesses both large and small.
  • All Types of Cargo. Whether you need to move office furniture or industrial equipment, our movers can help you. We have the experience and the equipment to move retail displays, store fixtures, cubicles, electronics and much more.
  • Safety and Security. Calgary Movers is fully licensed and insured. Your business equipment and furniture will arrive at its destination safe and sound.
  • Accurate Estimates. Your business has to plan its budget carefully. You can’t afford to deal with any unexpected charges. With Calgary Movers, you won’t have to. We provide accurate estimates so you always know what to expect.

Your commercial move is too important to the success of your business. Put your commercial move in the hands of the professionals at Calgary Movers.

Proper preparation and diligent coordination of staff activities is the basis of high-quality office moving. Calgary movers are one of the most well-known and trusted commercial movers in Calgary and Alberta specializing in commercial and office moves, including large-scaled ones (more than 15 working places). We do our best to minimize our client's company downtime and exclude the damage of the property, as we understand that the loss of working hours entails the loss of money and discredits the company in the eyes of partners and customers. Our commercial moving experts from Calgary office use the latest equipment while preparing and carrying out the move. The work of our specialists is adjusted and rallied by the decades of successful operation on the market of office moves.

Logisticians of our company supervise and coordinate the activities of our experts from the beginning to the very end of the whole moving process. You can contact us immediately to get advice or response to all of your concerns. In addition, the logistician of our company considers a request for additional services, gives advises on additional service if needed, calculates the cost of the move, fully controls and coordinates the process of moving, gives advises on the number of packaging materials required, negotiates the best date and time needed to implement a move from A to Z. Be sure that our commercial mover experts from Calgary will never let you down. Addressing the issue of your office relocation to them, you save your time and nerves as well as stay focused on your company main activities and do not disperse your attention on relocation issues.

Office move is extremely popular service every mover company in Calgary is ready to provide. Our Office moving technique has been time-tested and therefore, every relocation is performed within a short time and on high quality level. The office relocation can be organized in several ways. You can order a turnkey move, which includes disassembling of furniture, packing of property and it's transportation, or you can order an economical option, which includes services of porters and truck rentals.

Regardless of the type of service you have selected, we will provide you with all important recommendations to make your office relocation more comfortable.

Moving to a new place is a great excuse to get rid of old furniture, unnecessary papers, as well as things accumulated in the office over the years. If you choose a turnkey move, the packers will not understand what things should be transported and what must be disposed of prior to the move. Such a preliminary work should be carried out by your company employees. So, ask the staff to clean up their working places and through out all the unnecessary things and papers in a specially allocated place. In such a way, you can get rid of unnecessary things, save space at new location, as well as time and money spent on moving services.

You need to think about the disposition of work places in a new office in advance and make a plan of accommodation. Our moving experts will place the furniture and equipment in accordance with this plan. Therefore, you will be ready to work again the next day after the move.