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Why should you refer to professionals?

Moving to a new apartment is important and joyful event. However, a number of difficulties lie in wait for an ordinary man with lack of moving experience. Let us consider these difficulties in detail to clarify why you should refer to professionals.

  • 1. Proper packing of fragile items
    The first difficulties are waiting for you right from the start. Let's take the dishes, for example. How to pack all the vessels so that they remained intact? Only professional Calgary movers know what special packaging materials should be used and how the dishes should be stacked in a box for safe and sound transportation.
  • 2. Dealing with furniture and bulky objects
    Specialists from mover company know how to deal with furniture. They will carefully disassemble furniture, label, pack and accommodate each item in a truck. You can be sure that your furniture will not be scratched or broken. Let's talk about piano transportation. Firstly, this musical instrument is extremely heavy, and you would hardly succeed to move it on your own. Secondly, you will have to tune the piano after bad transportation that is rather costly. Professional movers have all the necessary equipment to perform secure transportation of bulky objects. They will fix the musical instrument reliably in a specialized truck and transport it safely to a new location.
  • 3. Responsibility for the transported property
    Many people consider a move a disaster because of high probability of personal belongings damaging or loss. It is especially true for long-distances moving as very often people forget to put some boxes in a truck and reveal their absence having relocated over thousand miles. Referring to professionals you can be 100% sure that the risk of losses is excluded.
  • 4. Preliminary estimate of a move
    It is good to be aware of upcoming costs associated with the move for proper budget planning. You will never know how much it would cost you to carry out self-relocation (cost of packing materials, services of porters and driver with a truck and etc.), while our experts will make an accurate estimate that will stay unchangeable until the move is completed. We know how to accommodate the things in a truck in the most rational way, so you will not have to pay more for a larger vehicle.
  • 5. Relocation on weekends
    We do relocation on weekends, so you will not have to take a day off to control the process.

Now you know about all the difficulties that you may encounter with when moving to a new location and know how our experts can help you overcome them successfully.