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Why Choose Calgary Movers Company

You have many choices for movers in Calgary, but Calgary Movers sets itself apart for its quality service and dedication to customer sastisfaction. There are many reasons why you should choose Calgary Movers over other companies in the Calgary region, but here are just a few of them:

  • Accurate Estimates: We have more than 30 years experience. We know how to accurately estimate the cost for a move so that you don’t have any surprises after everything is said and done. Your estimate will include the total cost, and there won’t be any hidden fees or extra charges.

  • Competitive Prices: You’ll be pleasantly surprised by the estimate you do get. Our rates are some of the best in the industry, and we offer hourly or flat rate options to help you stay on budget.

  • Exceptional Service: Our movers are not only some of the best trained in the industry, but they are also some of the friendliest. We hire the best people and provide extensive training to ensure that our movers can handle any type of move. Our team has experience handling delicate items, such as antiques and glass, as well.

  • Large Fleet: We operate a large fleet of moving trucks of all sizes so we can handle any type of move you are planning. Maintaining a diverse fleet also means that we can offer precise accommodations so we don’t have to charge you for more than you need.

  • Safety: You never have to worry about the safety of your personal belongings when you entrust them to Calgary Movers. Our company is fully licensed and insured, and we have a variety of equipment to help us safely move your belongings, including boxes, blankets and special packaging solutions.

  • Superior Reputation: You can take our word for it, or you can hear from the thousands of satisfied clients who have worked with us in the past. We deliver on our promises, and our reputation proves that. We are proud to say that many of our customers are repeat clients or have found us on the referral of a friend or family member.

Sometimes big city creates big problems for its residents. The scale of problems changes in direct proportion to the size of the city. Any type of move (commercial or residential) may become a huge problem for residents of a big city. Our mover company based in Calgary was established 30 years ago to carry out local and long distance moves of any complexity and thus, to make a life of common people easier.

Preparation and organization of the move is not as easy as it may seem at first sight. Any moving is characterized by bustle and involves long, time-consuming process of its preparation and implementation. That is why many people just fall into despair and stop thinking rationally when they face a need to move to a new location. Some of them are rushing around the house trying to pack all the thing within a day, while some of them just do not know how to start and wait until the last moment. If you want to free yourself from all these troubles, address this issue to professionals and forget about moving hassle. Contact us and we will offer the best solution for your relocation needs.

What we do

Professional staff of our Calgary moving company will make up a detailed plan of works accurately and clearly. Our managers will determine the following parameters to implement a move quickly, without losses and at a price that will not burden your budget:

  • assess the volume of the things to be transported, and respectively, chose a truck of required carrying capacity;
  • pick up the number of members of the crew needed for handling and transportation;
  • find out whether it is necessary or not to dismantle and pack furniture pieces;
  • negotiate and schedule the date of the move, its timing and other details;
  • calculate the cost of services.

There is no need to explain why you should turn to proven and experienced Calgary mover companies with good reputation, as you are entrusting you property to their staff. According to the action plan the specialists of our Calgary mover company will prepare and implement the move of any complexity smoothly and within a short time. It is just impossible to handle on your own with such a big volume of work, if a whole family is relocating within Calgary or moving to another big city. The problems may arise even with transportation due to heavy traffic. Experts from our mover company in Calgary will help you to avoid all these obstacles and carry out the move within the preliminary agreed time framework.

Our movers company team provides a full range of services related to transportation of bulky or heavy loads to any place of Calgary and across the country. Our services of apartment moving, office moving or relocation to a country house are not limited with the transportation of necessary office equipment, furniture, household or professional equipment. We also carry out dismantling of furniture and equipment, routing and unloading of goods from high-raised buildings as well as other moving services at customer's request.

Please, feel free to contact Calgary movers with any questions you may have concerning your relocation.